Kristin Osiecki

Designer + Educator + Maker


Equal parts designer and educator, I've applied my skills to a variety of educational projects, from a children's wearable that encourages healthy eating, to a simulation game about fracking. I've taught in a broad range of environments, from teaching film and animation in rural Nicaragua to developing and implementing curriculum in urban and suburban public schools.


Harvard: Master of Education, Technology, Innovation and Education, Rhode Island School of Design: Master of Arts in Teaching and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design


Massachusetts, K-8 and 9-12 professional-level license, with over five years of experience in public schools, from struggling schools in RI, to top schools in MA


Over ten years of design experience, from creating educational games, immersive experiences, websites and UI, to traditional print design and illustration


Highly skilled in a variety of design and iterative tools, from CS to Arduino, I'm just as comfortable whipping up graphics in Illustrator as I am wiring circuits

Grant Writing

I've individually authored seven grants supporting educational work, all of which have received full-funding

Curriculum Design

Extensive experience designing fine art and STEAM curriculum for schools and community organizations


I've worked with a variety of interdisciplinary teams on an array of complex and challenging projects


Endlessly curious, there's not a skill I won't learn or a challenge that does not interest me


I'm a designer, educator and maker focused on the intersection of the visual arts and technology; exploring electronics and their potential for self-expression, as well as their ability to make subjects like physics, programming and math tangible and interactive. It is my mission to design innovative educational experiences that meet the needs of both educators and learners.

About me

An avid learner, I am constantly acquiring new skills. You are just as likely to find me in a darkroom exposing prints as you are to find me carefully crafting paper circuits. When not engaged in educational work you’ll likely find me documenting the local music scene with my camera. My photography has been published in The New York Times, People Magazine, The Boston Phoenix and The Providence Journal to name a few.

I currently work as a Learning Designer on the Scratch team, part of the MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten Group, designing educational experiences which engage learners in creative programming activities with Scratch.


Looking for someone to design innovative educational experiences that meet the needs of your learning community, or maybe you just need a spiffy logo? Drop me a line.